History of the Moore’s Flying M Ranch

Historic Pictures of Pappy Moore at the Moore's Flying M Ranch

In the early 1900’s Samuel and Martha Stamper lived about 1/4th of a mile from where the Flying M is today. Their daughter, Edna Stamper, was one of four children of Samuel and Martha, she married Warner Moore and they had two sons named Robert (Bob) and George.  Warner passed away in 1947 when Bob was 20 and George was just 10 years old.  Bob helped George and their mother continue to keep their farm going and the brothers worked together for many years.

After serving in World War II Robert (Bob) Moore married Bernadine Evans and they began their life together in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In the early 1940’s the Flying M Ranch brand was born and soon after that the Flying M Ranch was established by Bob & Bernie. Bob worked at Sun Oil and owned several businesses while spending spare time helping his brother George run the family farm near Inola. In the mid to late 50’s the Moore brothers had a crazy idea to start raising channel catfish along with normal farm commodities for a living. The crazy idea boomed into a thriving fish farm business. The brothers continued to farm together raising fish, row crops, hay, and cattle until the early 1970’s when they decided to split the ranch and venture on their own. Bob took over the ranch brand of the “Flying M” and continued the ranch’s growth through different enterprises such as ostriches, exotic animals, and, of course, the fish. Bob & Bernie were first known to raise ostriches in Oklahoma when Bob bought his first pair in 1981. The Flying M also had motocross in the late 60’s and early 70’s. (From time to time we still run into folks who share their stories of riding here.) Bob had a love of people. He enjoyed folks stopping by and touring the ranch. He took great pride in the efforts to establish the Flying M as a non traditional approach to farming and he loved every chance to share that with anyone who wanted to know more.

Moores Family Pictures, Debby, Scott, Jacob and Cody MooreThe list of FMR’s past animals is impressive and adds to its rich history. Exotics and non exotics such as: five species of pheasants, two species of peafowl, four species of ducks, four species of geese, doves, pigeons, White tail deer, Sitka deer, Barbados sheep, Mouflon sheep, Aoudad sheep, pygmy goats, Boer goats, Potbellied pigs, and a wide range of cattle herds including Watusi, Blonde d’ Aquitaine, Hereford, Longhorn, Angus and Bison. When you were at the Flying M it was hard to tell if you were in Oklahoma or Africa. Bob got a kick out of watching people as they came face to face with animals they would never see outside a zoo or safari. All visitors were warmly welcomed to the ranch just as they are today. The Moore hospitality roots still run deep. After Robert’s death in 1987, sons Randy and Scott took over and continued the ostrich, exotic animal, and fish business. Also in 1987, Scott along with his mother and brother began publishing “Ostrich News,” an 8-page newsletter which was still in circulation until just recently.

Scott, Bob and Bernadine’s youngest child, owns and operates the ranch today with his wife, Debby, and two sons, Jake & Cody. The family continues the diversified endeavors of “non-traditional” farming, and today the family business has evolved into a ranch style retreat where a variety of events are held each year such as; weddings, reunions, birthday parties, church retreats, annual fall festival complete with a haunted hayride and 2 annual “off road” 5K running events each year.  Other than running the retreat & event end of things at the ranch, the family also produces native & bermuda hay, raise Angus beef cattle, miniature donkeys, goats, sheep & fresh water shrimp.

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