Moores Flying M Ranch Event Venue in Inola, Oklahoma

Since we are coming up on our fourth year hosting the Warrior Dash Oklahoma, we thought we might share a few tips and tricks we have picked up on over the years from runners, “watchers,” and even volunteers.

1. Bring a pair of shoes you’re willing to donate. Let’s face it, who wants to go through the hassle of washing mud-filled shoes? Warrior Dash has a great set up specifically for the purpose of shoe donation recycling.
2. Bring extra clothing. To avoid the mud following you into your car, place your muddy clothes in a trash bag and feel fresh (as fresh as you can with the taste of dirt still in your mouth…) for the ride home.
3. Use the buddy system. Everything is more fun with a friend!
4. Don’t wear jewelry. Because who wants to lose their wedding ring somewhere in the middle of a field in NE OK?
5. Take lots of pictures. For most people, it’s not every day you get covered head to toe with mud.
6. If you’re coming to watch, prepare to be hugged. Fair warning! Very few leave the festival area clean.
7. Stop by our Open House as you’re leaving! For those of you who don’t already know, The Flying M Ranch (WD location site) has just opened a timber frame event center within the last year. There’s no way you can miss Bois D’Arc Ridge as you’re leaving the property, so you might as well swing by for our open house! We will have local vendors, massages, give-aways (BIG and small!) and more!

We hope this little guide can be of assistance to you as your trek through the muddy obstacles. And yes, you should jump in the pond when you’re through—it’s probably cleaner than you.

Click here to learn more and register for the Oklahoma Warrior Dash.

Moores Flying M Ranch Event Venue in Inola, Oklahoma - Warrior Dash